Ceremony  (Time line for Ceremonies)

1. Background music
2. Seating of the parents-Officiant - Groomsman March.
3. Wedding Party March-Flower Girl- Ring Bearer - Maid of Honor
4. Processional: Bride walks down the aisle with her Father
"Here Comes the Bride"
5. Vows
6. Recessional Bride and Groom are Married Hitched
Special Moments that Last Forever!

Reception  (Time line for Wedding Receptions)
1. Cocktail Hour
2. Arrival of the Wedding Party Grand Entrance - Announce - Mr &
Mrs Newlyweds (Name)
3. Dinner Is Served-Dinner music Jazz, Spanish guitar, piano    
background music - (Games Optional)
4. Toast Best Man Maid of Honor Speech
5. Cake Cutting
6. La Marcha (Most Spanish Weddings)
7. 1st Dance - Spotlight dance Bride and Groom
Father/Daughter - Mother/Son Dance - Wedding Party -    
Everybody Dances
8. Bouquet Toss
9. Garter Toss
10. Dollar Dance (Money Dance)
11. Dance Music - Dancing
12. Last Dance Song of the Night - Bride & Groom

Thank the Newlyweds and Guests

Todays wedding receptions are composed of a large variety of
ages and tastes, so we bring all our music to every event. Ranging
from Wedding Background Big Band, Rock & Roll, Top 40, Disco,
Alternative, Dance, Country, Motown/R&B Rap Hip Hop, Reggae,
80's, Jazz, Ethnic, Rap, Modern Rock, Blues, Latin, Spanish, New
Mexican, Techno and Classical.

1. Sing part of a song, give a toast, or tell a story to get the bride
and groom to kiss
2. Sing part of a song to be allowed to go to the buffet table
3. Blindfold the guy who caught garter before he removes the
garter from the leg of the lady who caught the bouquet
4. Married couples dance and we find out who has been married
the longest at the reception
5. Blindfold the bride and she guesses which arm muscle belongs
to the groom
6. Blindfold the groom and he feels hands or calves and guesses
which one belongs to the bride
7. The bride moves an egg through the grooms pants
8. The bride and groom eat something and come together for a
9. The groom pays the bride a compliment for each step he takes
toward her
10. The bride is blindfolded and has to find the money on the
11. Guests have to do what the bride and groom say to get a
personal item back
12. ”Ex-boyfriends” and “ex-girlfriends” return the “keys” to the
bride and groom’s apartments
13. Musical chairs with people instead of chairs
14. The groom guesses which lipstick mark belongs to the bride
15. The groom is blindfolded and has to walk without knocking
down the wine bottles
16. The bride has to catch the cherry
17. Guests need to get pencils, which are hanging on strings
behind them, in the bottles
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