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Enchanted Hills
Rio Rancho Elementary

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Del Norte Reunion
West Mesa Reunion
Sandia ROTC Formal Balls
Cibola ROTC Formal Balls

School Disc Jockeys

Our DJ staff take care to comply with all the guidelines of your
school, administration and dance committee.

(We only play All Clean Music radio edit)
We have the music you want all clean versions. We keep up
with all the latest music, including Rap, Dance, Alternative rock
and Top 40. In an effort to ensure that we have what you
want, we encourage you to submit a list of requests prior to
the event. No other DJ company can match our level of service
to provide the students with the music they want to dance to!

Homecoming, Back to School DJ, Dances, winter formal,
Halloween dance, Holiday Party, Picnic, Summer Camp, Martin
Luther King, St Patty's Day, Sadie Hawkins, Proms, and

Our DJs can turn your school gym into dance heaven! Dance to
the sounds of Rap/Hip Hop, Oldies, Club songs, Disco,
Alternative with games mixed in with your usual favorites.

Disc-Jockey interaction
The amount of interaction we provide depends greatly on the
school. Typically, for elementary and middle schools, we are
very outgoing and interactive by providing games and contests
for the students. We highly recommend that the school provide
ten to fifteen door prizes for this approach, as it is the students
incentive to participate in the games and contests we can
supply some of the prizes.

In contrast, at most high school events, we are there to
provide our awesome sound and lighting system, and play the
music the students want to dance to! In most cases, high
school students are not interested in games and contests, but
we are happy to provide this approach upon request.

Sound systems
G.Q. Disc Jockey Entertainment uses only professional music
and lighting equipment.

Small unit
This system will be sufficient for any party located at the
school. Most parties have around 200-300 students, parents,
and teachers attending. We do a sound check before anyone
shows up to ensure the lows and highs are appropriate for the
room. These sound systems usually include two medium sized
speakers and a mid-sized amplifier.

Medium unit
This system will be sufficient for gyms and cafeterias where the
ceilings and walls acoustics are different. Depending on the
amount of guests and acoustics will determine the system. This
system can be used in small or large venues with medium
speakers and a matched amplifier.

The big unit
This system can be used anywhere from backyard, gyms,
cafeterias, hotels and casinos, to large outside parties. These
sound systems usually include two large sized speakers and a
matched amplifier.
G.Q. Disc Jockey Entertainment takes pride in giving schools
discounts, playing appropriate music, and quality service.
G.Q. Disc Jockey Entertainment
505-792-0733 0r 505-235-9933
School Parties
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